8 Trend Research Projects

Project presentations are always stressing when you have worked for more than 4 months asking, analyzing, thinking, discussing, reading and gathering all kinds of information and sources about whatever is currently moving your client´s decisions.

This was no different. 8 real projects for 8 real companies have been elaborated by MIDI 7 MaRDI Teams since last September. Each of them with different demands and particularities, each client with a different expectation, ambition and resources.

From our point of view at the program most of them successful, from all the clients very surprising and from our students exhausting but gratifying (or at least that´s what we know!)

here some pictures of the final results i a new wonderful format that worked really well!

Thanks to those who accepted the invitation for the exhibition, thanks for the feedback and the comments, but most of all, thank for making this year an amazing new opportunity to evolve and grow a a program.



MIDI / MaRDI ELISAVA Joins Design Across Cultures

When Gijs and Marco proposed us to join the Design Across Cultures program at MediaLab Amsterdam it felt like a natural way to keep collaborating with them for many reasons:

MIDI / MaRDI´s  essence is highly intercultural, receiving since 2008 participants from all Spanish speaking countries in Latinamerica and with an even more diverse group in our English speaking version of the program, with people coming from Asia, Middle East, Europe, Brazil and North America.Screenshot 2016-02-03 11.49.02

In terms of content MIDI /MaRDI focuses on developing 3 main types of Innovation projects: Corporate Innovation for big companies, SME Acceleration for local companies and Social Innovation for NGO´s and Government. This helps our participants navigate different worlds and views of innovation, while developing team projects for different clients.

Our first 3-party project was an exciting collaboration in 2012 with Cirque du Soleil and Ringling College in Florida USA. It went se well that we knew it will be great to exchange and learn from the Fields of View team in Bangalore and Medialab students in Amsterdam ,all teams working with different methodologies and backgrounds but in the same field.

Screenshot 2016-02-03 11.49.19This year the opportunity of also collaborating with Cisco Systems in a Smart Cities project matched perfectly with us, not only because of us being located in the number one Smart City in the planet but also because the topic has been present in past projects within our program. MediaLab is a perfect environment for this type of adventures and we are both delighted with the collaboration.

Even thou some of the time our Barcelona team seemed to be ¨out of scope¨ (because of using different research methods and not focusing on the development of final solutions but understanding its causes), sharing our findings and explaining our vision, hopefully helped other teams, to better approach the context and the research necessities a design process demands. It certainly helped us see how crucial the bottom-up approach and a user centered attitude are.

At the end, our team provided the project with a ¨big picture¨ approach, our focus stayed on understanding the causes, drivers and trends that influence the current lack of responsible consumption and those behaviours first world inhabitants have. We realised our cities may be smart in their infrastructure but not yet so smart in social and sustainability terms.

Discovering that the real relationship of people with a ¨smart city¨ environment is not only technological, makes citizens opinions, their consumption and production of e-waste so relevant, that led  the team to the construction of opportunity scenarios for Cisco, the city Inhabitants and the city government in the new field of Socially Smart Cities.

Next semester, the challenge will continue with the prototyping and testing of these scenarios, that  are strongly based in our users and trends research. We wish to thank everyone in the project for the interesting conversations, that provided valuable feedback to identify opportunities around this big change to come!

Screenshot 2016-02-03 11.48.26

Kiwwi colabora con Portolà

Fundació Privada gaspar de portolà


Hace unos meses la Universidad ELISAVA (Escuela Superior de Diseño y Ingeniera de Barcelona) dio la posibilidad de que sus alumnos pudieran realizar el proyecto de final de carrera con algunas empresas y/o entidades reales.

Nuestra Fundación fue una esas entidades que se presentaron y tuvimos la suerte de ser seleccionados por un grupo de alumnos: KIWWI.

Para realizar su proyecto necesitaban conocernos y realizar una amplia investigación sobre nuestra actividad de negocio, servicios y productos que ofrecemos. Por ello, queremos compartir con vosotros una serie de vídeos que dichos alumnos han realizado sobre nuestra Fundación:

  1. Vídeo Teaser de la Fundación Portolà
  2. Vídeo Entrevistas a integrantes de la Fundación Portolà
  3. Vídeo sobre un día de Inmersión en Manipulados Industriales de la Fundación Portolà

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Strategic Design Training en UCAL Lima

Jorge Rodriguez Blog

UCAL Lima Miércoles 13 de Enero del 2016

Jorge Rodriguez Nieto, representante de ELISAVA, primera Escuela de Diseño inaugurada en España en 1961, nos visitó para dirigir  Strategic Design Training, semana internacional enfocada en el Diseño Gráfico.

Durante esta semana, se realizaronworkshops para docentes y alumnos enfocados en el futuro del diseño, nuevas estrategias, nuevos sistemas de aprendizaje, research,mentoring, entre otros. El evento, dirigido a docentes y estudiantes, estuvo a cargo de Rodriguez Nieto, con quien tuvimos el placer de conversar y ahondar más en estos tópicos.

1. ¿Qué podemos entender por co-creación en Diseño Gráfico?

Co-creación en términos generales, es la capacidad de creación colectiva. Si nos referimos al Diseño Gráfico, no se limitaría simplemente a trabajar en equipo con otros diseñadores o artistas visuales, sino en involucrar al usuario final, al consumidor, al medio (revista, impresor, etc.) y por qué no…

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Researching Trends in Lisbon

Lisbon is becoming one of the most interesting cities in southern Europe, not only because of the wonderful light, the beautiful architecture and the amazing gastronomy but because of the way new generations of entrepreneurs, creatives and locals are conceiving their own future.

Beyond the massive renovation of abandoned buildings and public spaces, Lisboetas have a tasteful way of embracing the new millennium and creating a new image of their city and their lives. All across Lisbon you can  breath change, see signs of the future bust mostly  feel the work of many people, setting new standards  and exploring ways to feature their history and traditions with a new mindset.

Social and business innovation are on the raise as it is tourism and also, an international community, that positively contaminates and helps local trends grow, hopefully beyond their borders.

Let´s keep an eye on Lisbon, while we discover more signals of its future.

workshop capture templates for customer journeys, content workflows, business model canvas and more…

the architecture of everything

At ThoughtWorks we tend to go fairly loose and fast with documentation. Often the “capture” of workshop sessions is a few photographs and a tonne of share understanding between participants. This all works if you are transitioning straight into a build, and the entire team is present in the workshops, but if the organization is not ready to rock this “loose and fast” method can present some problems.

Shock horror – i actually had to document the outputs of some recent workshops. So to make this easy i created a set of output capture templates and thought i would share some of the generic versions. I hope they help or inspire you in some way.

customer journey

end-to-end content flows

what does bold look like?

business model canvas

objectives statements

customer promise

anchors and engines

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Building teams and sharing values at #MIDI / #MaRDI

37 minds have started an amazing journey last week . some of them for a semester and some of the for a whole year will deal with the challenges of developing research and innovation projects for 8 companies in very different industries.

8 teams have been conformed with participants from Spain, Uruguay, India, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Turkey, Brazil Belarus, Italy, Peru, Chile, Guatemala, Taiwan, Venezuela, Poland, USA, just to mention a few. We are all very excited and enthusiastic. Next week we´ll start working in the projects and learning by doing!

Welcome everyone to this amazing experience!


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