Working on Social Innovation with Paul Sternberg

For a whole week Paul Sternberg Director of MDes Master in Design and Innovation at Ravensbourne College in London, shared with us his passion and experience about the amazing world of social innovation. From corporate to Government approaches to NGOs and Educational institutions, The MiDI / MaRDI Students enjoyed Paul´s Stories, sense of humor and book references. Always welcome to come back and join us thorough the many activities that will be developed under our starting cooperation between institutions. For next Year Ravensbourne and MiDI/MaRDI Elisava will exchange more than professors, students and projects. Stay tuned for more news from London to Barcelona.

Innovation & Design Thinking 2015 kicking off

This semester our group of MIDI participants has grown.

Coming from places like Brazil, Mexico, Taiwan, Greece, Colombia, Iceland, Peru, Guatemala, Spain, Italy and Portugal all participants have enthusiastically started a new challenge, that for a year will change their mindsets and put them through project situations that require many skills and team work to be solved.

The first week has been fun going places, knowing each other and conforming the teams that will take 6 real projects from partner companies in different industries and with very different perspective. Each year MiDI projects are more demanding, complete and professional to the point of becoming a reference for institutions like the Barcelona City Council and the Government of Catalonia and Colombia, who rely on our teams to develop innovative ideas.

here some pictures of the first week and more bout the projects in the next post

Youth Macrotrends of the year

Since we know megatrends and macrotrends are two different things we have called the post macro

and here they are

Our Berlin Field Trip 2014

A group of students and teachers of the Postgraduate Diploma in Coolhunting. Design and Global Trends of ELISAVA took, from the 25th to the 28th of November a field trip to Berlin to enjoy a learning experience outside the usual environment of the programme. During their stay in the German capital, the ELISAVA students participated in different activities which helped them explore the habits and trends in a place which is different from Barcelona.

It’s worth pointing out the workshops Berlin Underground in the Agora Collective with Daniela Marzavan, a teacher of the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW), Smartphone Citizen Journalism, with the journalist Robb Montgomery, Berlin Mainstream in the former centre of the Western Berlin with the director of the Postgraduate programme, Jorge Rodríguez, and a Design Thinking workshop in Dark Horse with the expert in innovation Diemut Bartl.

The students of the School also made the Berlin Underground tour through the fashionable Kreuzberg  neighbourhood with Alternative Berlin and a tutorial for the Infographics final project with the designer and audiovisual producer Christian Schärmer from ProxiDesign.

This is the fourth year that the Master’s Degree in Research for Design and Innovation, MaRDI of which is part the Postgraduate Diploma in Coolhunting, bets on the field trip so that the students can have a different point of view for their final projects through activities and interviews to citizens from other cultures.

First MIDI / MaRDI Project Presentation: The Roadmap

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A great surprise for most of us was the first presentation of roadmaps this year. Clients, professors and alumni think this is a great group.

Just a month away from starting many objectives and paths are somehow clear and the relationship with the companies is on the rise. Different styles, different ways of approaching the challenges and a couple of clients in the audience made the presentation even more exciting.

At this point, It is good to have a map because from here a lot of things will grow, change and become a little bit more complex, and of course more interesting.  Congratulations to all teams for a hard work and the way you are commitment you show to your projects.

Presentación del libro Diseño de Propuestas de Valor en Barcelona

Originally posted on DesignThinkers Spain:

Screenshot 2014-10-17 12.30.33DesignThinkers Spain y el Máster en Investigación para el Diseño y la Innovación ( MIDI / MARDI ) en Elisava de Barcelona se complace en presentar el libro ” Diseño de Propuestas de Valor ” por Strategyzer .
El éxito internacional de Business Model Generation y Business Model Canvas (Modelo Canvas) nos inspiró para celebrar el lanzamiento de la secuela  – Diseño de Propuestas de Valor.
Queremos visionarios que desafían los enfoques tradicionales de negocio para cumplir, para revolucionar el campo de la Innovación y Estrategia mediante la introducción de más herramientas y enfoques estructurados que catalizan la creación de valor .Con la fuerza de esta comunidad global , todos juntos podemos cambiar la forma de hacer negocios , para siempre .

Estamos invitando a los entusiastas que se han pre – ordenado el nuevo libro para unirse a nuestro evento en Barcelona a la red, asistir a un Q &…

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Six Teams for Six Innovation Challenges at MIDI (MaRDI)

One week of work for achieving the conformation of six wonderful teams to develop six company challenges. Ensalava, Outboxers, Javi´s Angels, The Signers, Shapeless and Time dos Sonhos.

The projects run in real life, each one of the companies has selected a new or running project inside their activities to be reinforced with one MIDI teams for a whole semester. Companies get the commitment to involve the team, provide all the information and resources that can help MIDIs research and provide bright innovations to their client.

For the 2015/15 Season our partner companies are:

Telefónica: a regular MIDI partner since 2012 working on 2 two different projects both  linked to social relations, big data and information technologies. The first one runs into in mental health looking for understanding the environment and relations of patients and their families and the resources involved to carry a normal enjoyable life. The second project deals with trust,  The  task for this team will be to understand how as human develop trust among each other and how can technology help these processes.

Reimagine Food is a knowledge based company that provides research and innovation service to the food industry understanding the links between consumption, culture and technology our students will be involved in researching new ways to approach the digital food culture and link it to real life habits.

The Barcelona City Council department of Social Innovation has won the Bloomberg Philanthropies with the project Vincles that should build 20.000 trust networks for seniors in the city. Our MIDI team will deal with the challenge of developing gamified solutions to keep the players of these networks engaged, understanding their deepest interest and motivations to design a rewards system. Two industrial challenges start this season:

Mipol has manufactured toilets for buses, trucks and vents for more than 30 years, developing the hole process and implementing new technologies and materials for their clients, their clients are outside Spain and now they have the opportunity to innovate, a new scenario for materials, design technology and business opportunities for the company  will be discovered by the MIDIS.

Iberital is a Barcelona based industrial SME  that for 40 years has manufactured coffee machines for restaurants and home use, chose between the 150 most innovative companies in Europe Iberital requested research and ideas for new conceptual and technical developments for the next generation of products.

All challenges are big and complex, but all teams are talented and dedicated, as the adventure starts innovation start to flourish. here are our teams.


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