workshop capture templates for customer journeys, content workflows, business model canvas and more…

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At ThoughtWorks we tend to go fairly loose and fast with documentation. Often the “capture” of workshop sessions is a few photographs and a tonne of share understanding between participants. This all works if you are transitioning straight into a build, and the entire team is present in the workshops, but if the organization is not ready to rock this “loose and fast” method can present some problems.

Shock horror – i actually had to document the outputs of some recent workshops. So to make this easy i created a set of output capture templates and thought i would share some of the generic versions. I hope they help or inspire you in some way.

customer journey

end-to-end content flows

what does bold look like?

business model canvas

objectives statements

customer promise

anchors and engines

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Building teams and sharing values at #MIDI / #MaRDI

37 minds have started an amazing journey last week . some of them for a semester and some of the for a whole year will deal with the challenges of developing research and innovation projects for 8 companies in very different industries.

8 teams have been conformed with participants from Spain, Uruguay, India, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Turkey, Brazil Belarus, Italy, Peru, Chile, Guatemala, Taiwan, Venezuela, Poland, USA, just to mention a few. We are all very excited and enthusiastic. Next week we´ll start working in the projects and learning by doing!

Welcome everyone to this amazing experience!

MIDI / MaRDI partners with Medialab Amsterdam in Design Across Cultures

“…A platform for collaboration between multidisciplinary, multicultural design teams, using the undeniable force of cultural differences and similarities as a design strategy to locally solve global issues.” This is how Marco van Hout from Medialab Amsterdam describes Design across Cultures in his blog. And this is why we are very happy to join them starting next semester in a common project for Cisco Systems.

MIDI / MaRDI and MediaLab work in very similar ways but in two very different cities, putting together teams of talented students who solve innovation challenges for big and small companies. One interesting thing is those companies truly believe in the power of collaboration between business and academia.

Both programs are completely international with students from across the world who learn from their cultural differences, exchange experiences and grow together professionally in real world projects. In addition to this MIDI / MaRDI involves a wide variety of age ranges, professional backgrounds and cultural origins that enrich the whole experience of learning beyond the classroom and the projects.

We thank Gijs Gootjes coordinator of the MediaLab for being open and enthusiastic bout this collaboration and Marco for linking both programs. Here some pictures from our recent visit to Medialab Amsterdam where we both shared the output of our projects and enjoyed learning from each other.

Open invitation to the Procter & Gamble Summer Innovation Bootcamp



September 3September 5 /2015

Procter & Gamble Summer Innovation Bootcamp «The Internet of Things – A Design Thinking Approach»

At Elisava & The Innovation Kitchen in Barcelona

How to Participate?

1. Fill out your registration at this form.
2. Upload a 1 minute video to The Innovation Kitchen Facebook page telling us why you are the most elegible candidate for participating in this Bootcamp.
3. We´ll let you know if you have selected to participate in this adventure.
4. Deadline for registration and video upload august 15 /2015.

Who is eligible?
Curious people from technology, economics,design or arts background are welcome.
People familiar or interested in IoT technology or willing to learn more your it?
Open-minded, quick-learner, hard-working and curious people.

MIDI -The Master’s Degree in Research for Design and Innovation of ELISAVA, HTW Berlin and The Innovation Kitchen present «The Internet of Things – A Design Thinking Approach» 3, 4 and 5 September.

We all have a ‘smart’-phone. What if other things were ‘smart’?

Like a ‘smart’-bottle that measures my water consumption or a ‘smart’-basketball that provides me with feedback about my game? What is the value of having a ‘smart’-fridge that provides me with information about my aliments? These are the next generation connected products. What is their value for individuals and society? Are these solutions human-centered or technology-centered?

What can the Internet of Things do for the end-user and how can companies communicate the value of Iot to the still very confused and fuzzy-informed consumer?

With tools and methods of Design Thinking and connected approaches you will discover needs and provide solutions starting with the questions above.

You will work with a global company on a real challenge!

You will learn Design Thinking by doing with two international professors and experts!

You will collaborate in interdisciplinary teams from Barcelona and Berlin and pitch your idea!

The winning ideas will be rewarded!

Don’t miss it.

International Pressure Cooker Workshop at the Rotterdam Business School

Next year the Rotterdam Business School will start building new facilities to grow and expand their activities and programs, so during our visit to the the RBS in May, 6 teams of around 10 people each worked during a whole day, Students from MIDI and RBS three Masters programs collaborated on developing ideas and new formats for creating services, models and a new vision of the space for the new school. Many great proposals and insights showed up, ranging from experience based spaces and programs to eco-sustainable buildings with noise determined spaces. The workshop was designed by Marko Korac with the collaboration of Ron Ainsbury and Ricardo Santos from RBS and Daniel Zentgraf from Elisava. The combination of  business  and innovation oriented professionals from both schools created a powerful combination that will be fostered in future programs and further activities together. This Collaboration between both institutions has been possible thanks to the work along the last year of Saulius Buyvis and Jorge Rodriguez professors at both schools. Looking forward for more activities and collaborations here are some pics for the day

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Working on Social Innovation with Paul Sternberg

For a whole week Paul Sternberg Director of MDes Master in Design and Innovation at Ravensbourne College in London, shared with us his passion and experience about the amazing world of social innovation. From corporate to Government approaches to NGOs and Educational institutions, The MiDI / MaRDI Students enjoyed Paul´s Stories, sense of humor and book references. Always welcome to come back and join us thorough the many activities that will be developed under our starting cooperation between institutions. For next Year Ravensbourne and MiDI/MaRDI Elisava will exchange more than professors, students and projects. Stay tuned for more news from London to Barcelona.

Innovation & Design Thinking 2015 kicking off

This semester our group of MIDI participants has grown.

Coming from places like Brazil, Mexico, Taiwan, Greece, Colombia, Iceland, Peru, Guatemala, Spain, Italy and Portugal all participants have enthusiastically started a new challenge, that for a year will change their mindsets and put them through project situations that require many skills and team work to be solved.

The first week has been fun going places, knowing each other and conforming the teams that will take 6 real projects from partner companies in different industries and with very different perspective. Each year MiDI projects are more demanding, complete and professional to the point of becoming a reference for institutions like the Barcelona City Council and the Government of Catalonia and Colombia, who rely on our teams to develop innovative ideas.

here some pictures of the first week and more bout the projects in the next post


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